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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's This? Some Good News In Wisconsin For Free Speech?

This story is two days old but I felt obligated to post something on it since Janesville and Rock County are so well represented by the Solidarity Singers and others who continued to remain active at the Capitol despite constant police harassment.

Yes, a federal judge struck down part of the highly restrictive "administrative" access rules Gov. Scott Walker and Capitol Police Chief David Erwin developed to effectively shut down public access in and around the Capitol Building.

As noted in this article, Judge Conley recognized the unique and historic function of Wisconsin's Capitol building as a place meant for public discourse. He eventually ruled that portions of Walker's policy are unconstitutional, and no groups of 20 or less will be required to get a permit. Groups greater than 20 however, I would assume gathered in the same cause, will still require a permit.

Afterwards, it was reported that Walker's administration said it will not challenge Judge Conley's order. Good news indeed!

But it's still only a bittersweet victory for the citizens of Wisconsin that the good news is in actuality a return, at least in part, to a policy before Scott Walker was elected governor. Walker's term in office is beginning to shape up as "the lost years" for Wisconsin. But at this stage under his heavy-handed rule, we'll have to take anything we can get.


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