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Friday, November 09, 2012

Home Town Shocker For The Pride of Janesville

They say politics is local and if there's any truth to that, Paul Ryan lost big.

Yes, he was re-elected to serve another two-year term in congress. Yes, the billionaire-sponsored Wall Street congressman beat his opponent, democratic challenger Rob Zerban, by 12 points. Yes, in the final analysis, Ryan would have likely squeeked out a narrow victory even without the newly redrawn district boundaries. But in Paul Ryan's cozy hometown of Janesville in the county of Rock, he took a shellacking. Yes he did.

Paul Ryan failed, miserably I must add, to deliver the state of Wisconsin for the republican party and his running-mate Mitt Romney. Winning Wisconsin was the least they thought he would do and truth be known, Ryan could not even deliver his hometown much less his home county for the presidential ticket. He lost the debate.

But even more astounding is the fact that Ryan's hometown rejected him for the consolation prize he so carefully rigged for his own safety net, our congressional house seat. But it gets even worse when you consider that the closer Ryan gets to home, down to the very ward he lives in, the less support he received from the people who know him best.

The final numbers are in:

No doubt the republican party and Ryan's local media tool, the Janesville Gazette, will downplay this shocking revelation or frame the results as retribution from local progressives or union activists because that's what Ryan's enablers do. But these local results will leave an indelible hometown impression on Paul Ryan for years to come. There is no getting away from it.

Below: Overlay Map of 1st CD of Wisconsin

Dark green (and blue) area is old district map (2001)
Light green areas were added to create current district map
Blue areas were subtracted from old district - not included in new.

New areas include small portion west/northwest of Janesville. Area south of Janesville. Area east of Beloit and a large section of Waukesha County.

Final Election Results For Rock County.

Badger Democracy produced an excellent county-by-county review of the voting tallies from the Ryan/Zerban congressional house race. Check it out.

Also see: The New Republic - Paul Ryan Was Not the GOP’s Savior. He May Even Have Been its Albatross.

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Anonymous said...

There's a clear message in those numbers for paulie. If he's half the numbers guy he pretends to be, he should know what they're saying.

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