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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Paul Ryan's Hometown Janesville Voted For The Other Guy

Unfortunately, Rep. Paul Ryan won re-election to the House, thereby guaranteeing a broken Congress for at least another two years. But with 93% reporting as of 12AM, Paul Ryan's hometown Janesville cast 15,596 votes for democratic challenger Rob Zerban and 13,279 votes for Ryan. (numbers are approximate) According to my records, this is the first time Ryan lost his hometown in the race for the House seat.

In other election news, Rock County delivered handsomely for Democrats yet again for President Obama and VP Joe Biden, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Mark Pocan and replaced Walker "tool" Joe Knilans with Democrat Deb Kolste for Janesville's state assembly seat. (44th)

Congrats to all.

View Rock County results here.


Rock Netroots - Janesville Is Not Paul Ryan's Kind Of Town
(Aug. 2012)

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Anonymous said...

Ryan lost Rock County, his home county; lost Janesville, his hometown & lost his home Ward. By design, gerrymandering won the seat!

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