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Monday, November 12, 2012

Food Stamp Growth Follows Red State Right-To-Work Policies

Check these two maps:

Right-to-work states in turquoise.

Obviously, the maps are not an exact match but I think they clearly show the republican platform driving red state politics work hand-in-hand with right-to-work laws. Beyond the regular comparisons that show laborers and professionals in right-to-work states earn less wages than their counterparts in bargaining states comes another insidious marker for red state economies: Republican-Heavy Counties Eat Up Most Food-Stamp Growth.

All I can say is blue states with growing red county populations had better watch out as they may be the next dominoes to fall to RTW laws along with a growing dependency on food stamps.


Democurmudgeon - 70% of Counties with Fastest Growth of Food Stamps voted Republican.

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Ken Pearson said...

Fascinating comparison.
It is a bit confusing to me. Shouldn't the right to work states have more opportunities for employment?
I suspect that these states are just generally poorer than the other states (because of work for less?). But that confuses me a bit. Why then would they vote against their own self interest and for the likes of Romney/Ryan?

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