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Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Played Ryan Like a Pogo Stick

For more than the past two weeks, all I've heard from the right-wing echo chamber here in Wisconsin is how the GOP's boy wonder and budget guru Paul Ryan was going to "mop the floor with Joe Biden" in the debate. Just like with Ryan's and Romney's proposals themselves, their blinded sheep offered no specifics or substance in their arguments except for more condescension and name-calling, referring to Biden as a drunk or gaffe central, to put it mildly. Instead, Joe Biden played Paul Ryan like a pogo stick, pointing out Ryan's record in Congress and interrupting nearly every lie and distortion Ryan offered dead in its tracks.

Biden wasn't perfect, but he was very good. Sure, I would have liked if Biden dismantled Ryan's entire budget manifesto right before our eyes, but the VP was there to debate Ryan, not a fictional novel. For the most part, when Ryan wasn't spewing his distortions or inhibited by the truth, he was sitting there with a permanently affixed closed-mouthed stupid smile. The expression of a hollow man with a toxic mentality biting his tongue.


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