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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today: Rob Zerban Holding Two Listening Sessions In Janesville

Sorry about the late notice here but these events have been canceled for today and rescheduled for next week.

Here's a chance to meet the man Paul Ryan refuses to debate. When you meet Rob Zerban, right away you'll get the impression of an approachable fellow who will not be ashamed to fight for your expectations in Washington. Unlike Paul Ryan, he won't apologize for fighting for and defending constituents seeking assistance from policies and programs or dismiss his support for your needs as being merely a "constituent service." He won't attempt to disempower constituents he might not agree with simply to advance his political career. His business and public service background help shape a fresh new direction away from the past misdirection and failed representation of the ideologically locked Paul Ryan.

Our congressional district was one of the top manufacturing areas in the entire midwest, but since the arrival of Ryan in 1998, we have seen a steady decline in opportunities and wages and longer odds at ever reaching the American Dream. Despite Ryan often referring to himself as the area's "federal guy," we've learned that our federal government was not here for us. Isn't it time to connect the dots?

It is undeniable. Paul Ryan abandoned us long before his district abandoned him, but it's only with your help that Zerban will get the chance to turn our district around. That's the impression I got. So stop in and visit with Rob Zerban. You'll see what I mean.

Saturday, Oct 13
11:00 am
UAW Local 95 1795 Lafeyette St. Janesville

Rob Zerban, Democratic Candidate for Congress, will be holding a Listening Post for Veterans this Saturday October 13th, 11AM at UAW Local 95 in Janesville Wisconsin This event is for Rob to meet with Veterans and to talk about Veteran's Issues. Anyone interested in Veteran's issues will find that this will be a great time to meet with Rob before the November Election.

Saturday, October 13
6 pm
Janesville Labor Temple
1605 Center Ave. Janesville

As the election date draws closer, the chances for Wisconsin voters to meet up and talk to Rob Zerban becomer ever fewer. So come out, meet Rob and get to know him before you vote. THIS IS PAUL RYAN'S OPPONENT. YOU WILL LOVE HIM!

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