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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Janesville Legislator Tells Union-Busting Redstate Groups, He's The "Tool"

Here's a short segment from the documentary As Goes Janesville showing a round table of officials from Forward Janesville and the co-chairs of the notorious redstate "economic development" group Rock County 5.0, Mary Willmer and Diane Hendricks, discussing their plans with several Janesville area state legislators to "leverage" the legislators political potential against another constituency - unions - to advance the group's goals.

In the clip, which I modified for clarity, you'll hear State Assembly Rep. Joe Knilans(R) tell the collection of mostly self-appointed rightwing engineers masquerading as area "leaders" that they are the "minds" and he's the "tool." To his credit, Sen. Tim Cullen(D) looked shaken by what they all had to say. Watch it:

If you saw the documentary "As Goes Janesville" and are hungry for more information and perspective on this subject independent of the local Janesville Gazette media machine, you've come to right place. The following links should be a good start and you can also search this blog by using keywords in the left hand corner at the top of the page.


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