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Friday, September 21, 2012

Never Forget Paul Ryan's Struggle To Destroy Social Security And Medicare

For the sake of not rehashing this story from the National Catholic Weekly about a Paul Ryan speech at the Atlas Society’s "Celebration of Ayn Rand" event, I'll just touch on a couple of my immediate thoughts drawn from the article.

Although some of Ryan's statements in the story have been public knowledge for some time, I think most will find the added transcripts amazing considering they are from 2005 and how Ryan's "Shrugging" words back then closely match his rhetoric on the campaign trail today despite recently claiming an estrangement to Ayn Rand's world view.

You'll even find the reason as to why Mitt Romney believes 47 percent of Americans are moochers and victims and why Ryan thinks Romney's only mistake was that he was obviously inarticulate making his 47 percent point, but he still stands by the message. The truth is, Ryan and Romney are both class warfare-breathing demagogues who are willing to divide the population in an effort to win over more converts to their Atlas Shrugged world view.

America, The National Catholic Weekly Excerpt:
This philosophy leaves no room for Catholic notions of Government in service to the common good, there is no room for a social conception of the human person.

In several previous blog postings, I’ve described Ryan’s budget and debt solutions as being tabulated using an ideological calculator. We know when government collects $3 trillion in revenue but has $3.5 trillion in bills, simple arithmetic would show we’re $500 billion short.

So let’s put all our heads together and come up with a balanced plan to A.) generate more revenue and B.) make some spending cuts, and continue to adjust accordingly. Let’s burn the debt crisis candle at both ends to double-time the speed to solvency. The American people get that.

That’s what Bill Clinton was talking about at the DNC. It's arithmetic and common sense. But in walks Paul Ryan with his one-man plan largely extrapolated from a fictional novel and tabulated with Norquist-pledged trickle-down Laffer curve voodoo economics. There’s no math calculator and no real numbers showing any additional revenue or cuts. It’s simply a sales-pitch he tells that uses a projected debt crisis to transform not only government but our entire contemporary American society into something completely cold, dark and alien.

Not long ago, Ryan actually called this personal mission to deconstruct the constitutional role of government “his struggle” and repeatedly claims we have excessive collectivism, this coming from a man whose policies and principles have played a significant role in legislating more than half of the nation's debt. Indeed, a sure sign of excessive collectivism would be excessively large surpluses. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As a nation, I believe we need an adult conversation about balancing a budget using simple math, not someone who wants to add and subtract using arguments and abstracts for personal responsibility, individualism vs collectivism, public vs private, the concept of subsidiarity, church vs state, God-given rights, hammocks, upward mobility and the morality of capitalism - but no numbers and no math. We want to balance a budget and solve a debt crisis and Paul Ryan is trying to solve the crisis in Atlas Shrugged.


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