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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Former Janesville GM Workers Speak Out On Paul Ryan


I’m amused watching Paul Ryan attempt to reinvent his congressional record while he is being exposed for his fictional marathon time, fuzzy math skills, alleged foreign policy experience, and his fake claims as a budget hawk!

Mr. Ryan likes to remind us that we are his employer. Doing an adequate job responding to constituents’ individual needs is the minimum requirement of the job; but let’s also look at what Mr. Ryan has been doing the last 14 years in Congress as our alleged representative.

Eight of those years, Ryan walked lock step with the agenda of former President Bush where the rich got richer and the rest of us poorer. Ryan voted AGAINST the minimum wage increase; stem cell research; ethics reform; lowering the cost of student loans; union organizing; troop withdrawal from Iraq; and lower prescription drug prices! Ryan advocates privatizing Social Security and diminishing Medicare to a more costly voucher program.

While he talks of reducing the deficit he supported the very causes of the largest budget deficit in U.S. history: two unfunded wars, unnecessary tax cuts for the rich and corporations, Wall Street/Bank bailouts, and the deregulation of financial markets.

Now Ryan seeks election to not only his congressional seat, but also Vice President of the United States. Seriously, do we need to employ this obstructionist ultra conservative career politician any longer when it is apparent he collects a salary from the taxpayers, but serves the masters of privatization, deregulation, and the “ownership society?”

Signed in Solidarity by 55 Former Janesville, Wisconsin, General Motors Assembly Plant Dislocated Workers who now commute to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Tim Rutter * Jamie Schmeling * Terry Nyhus *
Dianna R. Applebeck * Donald Clauer * James Wegner *
Bret Bailey * Erin Meinen * Charlie Monday * Randy S.Kozak * Chad Perkin * Teresa Pearson * David Belm * Holly Tillman *
Dale Granlund * Jeff Pearson * Daryl Crawford * Gerald Balis * Randy Tunks * Rodney Moen * Yoomi A. Saldana *
Donald R. Duoss * Randy Gorman * Steve Behm *
Dennis McKeown * Jamie Teller * John C. Deems *
Brian Biggerstaff * John Dohner, Jr. * Frannie Carpenter * David Dare * Joe J Steinman, Sr. * Gail Sockness *
Glenn Wille * Jeffrey Kosharek * Douglas Keepers *
David Draves * Dennis Huber * Alan Schneider *
Jeff McCulloch * Kevin D. Johnson * David Gaddine *
Terry Kundert * Daniel Brankhoff * Jon Bartz *
Brian J. Linfvedt * Jim Brandt * Michael A. Hoof *
David Harnack * Sarah Wille * Joe Cary * Rob Teubert *
Todd Condo * Robert Petsma * Pam McCullick *

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