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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bain Workers Bus Tour Coming To Janesville

Workers from Sensata, a manufacturing company based in Freeport, Illinois, are hitting the road to tell the nation just what a Mitt Romney Economy looks like. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, a private equity firm founded by Romney that makes money by buying up companies, loading them with debt, stripping them of their assets and then finally shipping jobs overseas.

True to Romney's cannabalistic profit model, Bain is closing the Sensata plant before the end of the year and moving good manufacturing jobs to China. In fact, the Sensata workers are training their Chinese replacements right now.

They want America to know the truth about a Romney/Ryan Economy and are stopping in Janesville on Sunday, Sept. 23, to bring the message to Wisconsin.

A Romney/Ryan Economy means:

Steep tax breaks for for the rich ($160,000 goes to the average millionaire in Paul Ryan's budget)

Trillions in cuts to the safety net (food stamps, college grants, unemployment benefits)

The destruction of healthcare (huge Medicaid cuts and the destruction of Medicare as we know it)

A Romney/Ryan Economy benefits only one class of people -- the richest 1%. If you believe in a fair economy where we all have a chance to prosper, then you need to be in Janesville to let America know the truth!

Facebook event

Say NO! to a Romney/Ryan Economy
When: 3 pm
Sunday, September 23
Where: 1000 General Motors Drive

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