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Monday, September 24, 2012

Janesville Greets Bain Workers Bus Tour In Solidarity

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon for the area folks who turned out in front of the sprawling vacant GM plant in Janesville to greet the Bain Workers Tour bus. During the rally, which lasted about 45 minutes, a handful of workers gave heart wrenching stories of their personal experience when they found out their jobs were being outsourced to China. They also delivered a singular ominous message - that it's time the American people stand up and defend their country and their jobs right now because time is running out.

Brief Slideshow Of GM/Bain with Sound

Workers from the Bain-owned Sensata, an auto-components factory in Freeport, Illinois, (about an hour drive from Janesville) distributed a flyer inviting area residents to their "Outsourcing Pig Roast" protest and feast to be held on Saturday, Sept. 29th. For more information on this event visit Bainport


Lost Continents - Janesville/Bainport

WKOW - Bain Bus Tour Stops In Janesville

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