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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Atlas Society Wink and Nod With Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan continues to squirm away from Ayn Rand and her stomach turning "Atlas Shrugged" fictional nightmare and apparently believes people will forget his lifelong devotion to the sociopathic writer. According to this story from TPM, Ryan is now denying that he views Social Security as a "collectivist" program,

However, we know Ryan has consistently described our government and its constitutional powers of taxation as an over-reaching redistribution collectivist superstructure of statism that he believes must be dismantled. I can't count high enough the times Ryan used Rand's false argument of pitting collectivism against individualism and claiming that our social safety net programs have become hammocks and drain away personal ambition. There's no backing away now although Ryan is certainly hammering away in reverse at every chance he gets.

TPM OccupyYourLocalMedia Comment:
Atlas Society realizes that no true Randian will ever get elected, therefore they provide cover by saying "he never was truly one of us". You know who also thought that? Ayn Rand, about anyone who ever tried to follow in her footsteps.

Paul Ryan is banking on people not using critical thinking skills to realize that you don't go around claiming that someone inspired you to do what it is you do and suddenly for political expediency you just "disown" words you yourself said that we all know your side believes. Ask Rand Paul, another acolyte of Ayn Rand what is Social Security. Ask almost any of the Tea Party Politicians what they think of Social Security.
What? Did you think Paul Ryan was going to be honest?
Funny thing is the Atlas Society people already know that Paul Ryan has no other choice but to escape from his own words, which is why they don't feel betrayed in the slightest - because Paul Ryan is not actually disowning his words, he's just hoping you will believe him when he says he is... this time. But once you buy this politician, there are not backsies.

Nothing to add to that comment. It nails it. The primary feeling I pick up from the Atlas Society and the Tea Party towards Paul Ryan can only be described as they are "willingly co-opted."

People have to start wondering why Mitt Romney chose Ryan to be his running mate if Ryan is left repeatedly denying his signature identifiers - his Randian messaging and his alternative "budget" to the American social compact. The story about the Koch Bros. paying Romney $100 million for the VP seat is beginning to look like the only reasonable possibility. Because, if you cleanse (or pretend to cleanse) Atlas Shrugged out from Ryan's budget and out from his arguments - you'll still have his toxic mentality - but you'll have a budget exactly like Barack Obama's, all the way down to the $716 billion in cost savings for Medicare.

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