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Monday, June 25, 2012

Crony Collectivism, Bid-Rigging. Walker just Another Crooked Politician.

JS Online Excerpt:
Madison - Wisconsin's quasi-private economic development agency offered tax breaks to a Stevens Point company contingent upon it winning a state contract in late March, nearly three months before the offer was rescinded after Gov. Scott Walker's administration said it was inappropriate.

"Quasi-private economic development agency?" Ya' gotta love it. For lack of a better description, Walker pulled out just in time.

In the state budget passed last year, the state put aside $15 million to create a statewide information system. Skyward lobbied against it, arguing that multiple operators should be allowed instead of just one. The company threatened to leave the state if it didn't win the contract.

That is incredible. Just to skim the surface here, Skyward obviously held a tremendous advantage over competitors by bidding on a state government contract that came loaded with tax credit incentives no one else was offered and to top it off, Skyward threatened to leave the state if they didn't win the contract??

What's not to like?

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Jolly Roger said...

Walker is a top-notch Rushpubliscum. Corruption is now a requirement.

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