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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Talk Radio Fascists Want To Pistol Whip Nuns

What was Paul Ryan trying to accomplish when he declared that his government budget novel was based on his understanding of Catholicism? My best guess is he thought that framing it under the umbrella of his religion would shut down all the talk that his budget philosophy is far more closely aligned with Ayn Rand's vision for a future society. He also likely thought Catholics would come to his defense and shield him from further criticism. But people aren't stupid and it looks like it's beginning to back-fire.

Maybe if Ryan would have admitted that his budget proposal is not based in reality or Catholicism but on his own remedy to replace American society with the fairy tale dystopia in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged," the nuns would not be trying to correct his misguided understanding of Catholicism. Ahh well, that direction would have helped fortify support among his real cult followers, but he probably figured they are already there for him anyways, and the truth is - they are.

As can be expected, Ryan's sleeper cells are coming out of the woodwork after the nuns just like they chased down Newt Gingrich after Gingrich dissed Ryan's budget as just more right-wing social engineering. Remember that one? How dare anyone in the public view muster the courage to stand up to their hero and offer an alternative budget on top? No way are they going to allow that to stick. So now it only figures that rightwing talk radio nutbags would paint those courageous nuns as radical communists and even suggest they should be pistol whipped!! That's right.

On Friday, Iowa conservative radio show “Mickelson in the Morning,” host Jan Mickelson had on Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA) to talk about the Nuns on the Bus tour and the Ryan budget. Objecting to the tour, Mickelson asked Latham whether he had any power to pull over the bus and “pistol whip” the nuns...

Faith In Public Life Excerpt:
MICKELSON: There’s a bus full of nuns headed towards Washington to lobby against the Ryan plan. Do you guys, do you have any power to pull the Nuns on the Bus over and pistol whip them?

LATHAM: It’s always fun to be on your show [Laughs]

Yeah sure's all in fun. But what kind of a scumbag would think about pulling over a bus full of nuns and start pistol whipping them simply for voicing their opinions and beliefs ...and then laugh off the suggestion? Nazi slimeballs - that's who. Oh wait! I can't call them Nazis because they'll send their right-wing media dogs after me and paint me as divisive and childishly ignorant and come down on me with Godwin's law. Sigh.

The Democurmudgeon Blog also noted that Wisconsin trash talker Vicki McKenna badmouthed the nuns calling them a "bunch of radical communist nuns..."

I'd bet they think they're playing nice and just having some fun.

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