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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WMC: Full Time Excuses, But No Jobs

For more than a decade the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce (WMC) cartel said Wisconsin was a tax hell. Fix that they said and businesses will flourish and jobs will be plentiful in the state of Wisconsin. Then they came out and said they need more “certainty,” tax certainty, policy certainty, regulation certainty, venture capital certainty, currency certainty, pro-growth certainty, incentive certainty blah, blah, blah. Fix that and everything will be all peachy and rosy again. Then they said once the clouds of the recalls are lifted, the “job creators” will be set to go on a jobs explosion like not seen in a generation …blah, blah, blah and another blah.

Just two weeks after the recall was over and the job creators favored and endorsed Scott Walker won the right to finish his term as governor, the WMC wasted no time to tamp down that one-month old campaign speculation of a jobs explosion. Sorry they basically said, it's not gonna happen anytime soon because there's a "workforce skills gap" in the state. That was just a minor inconvenience they forgot to tell us about in their jobs explosion campaign for re-election. Oh well, they never said anything about actually hiring anyone.

According to this article posted in the Janesville Gazette, they claimed it’ll be at least another year before the state will see any significant job growth. Now this week yet another article titled, Knowledge can help solve state’s workforce paradox continues with the skills gap excuse for no jobs. Notice the WMC and Walker enabler Gazette did not use the word “education” – now it’s "knowledge." Well, maybe because Scott Walker just cut $800 million a year from knowledge Doh! …ah, I mean education. You get the picture. It’s one excuse after another excuse after another and another. If excuses were jobs at the WMC, we’d be at full 100% employment.

I attempted to link directly to WMC Web Pages for all of their tax hell and certainty talking points, but after receiving a couple “Error 404” messages using archived url’s from previous stories, I figure why bother with WMC-sourced information when they'd deny everything anyways.

It's always about more for them and less for everybody else.


JS Online - Why is Walker begging for jobs in Chicago when Wisconsin is in the midst of the greatest job explosion not seen in a generation? Besides, don't they know we have a workforce skills gap in the state?

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