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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Suicide Victim Connected With Ryan's Office

Very sad indeed. It's always disturbing to hear about someone so distraught with life and hopelessness that they find the only solution is to end it. Such was apparently the case of the person who decided to shoot himself at the front of Rep. Paul Ryan's office in Janesville.

Although Ryan's staff claimed to not have any previous contact with the victim, Mark Kromrey of Janesville, the most recent news brief by the Janesville Gazette Staff reported that he did have correspondence with the congressman when he sent a letter to Paul Ryan in 2010 indicating he might kill himself near Ryan’s office. In 2011, Kromrey interacted again with the congressman over dealings about a lawsuit he filed against the FBI. Details of these interactions with Ryan remain guarded. This is Ryan's hometown.

According to an earlier report, Kromrey carried a note asking that he did not want to be resuscitated, which seems to be an unnecessary request considering he planned to take his own life at the office doorstep of the aloof and callous congressman.

Thankfully however, there are some compassionate and caring individuals still in this world as at least two people from inside the mall came to Kromrey's aid. Despite their heroic efforts, the man passed away at a local hospital.


Coincidentally, the victim and the congressman are the same age - 42 years old.

WKOW - Suicide outside Congressman Ryan's Janesville office


grandmatoemma said...

It sounds like this unfortunate incident is assumed to be political. Has anyone considered the fact that this man may have been mentally unstable?

Lou Kaye said...

I'm under the impression the man who committed suicide had some form of mental illness but that should be no excuse for the police and Ryan's office to deny the man in the early stages of the incident. There are many unanswered questions.

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