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Friday, November 18, 2011

Walker's Plan: Locals Save Millions, But Lose Thousands of Jobs

Another month, thousands more jobs lost.

Money msn Excerpt:
The public sector, including federal, state and local governments, lost 400 jobs. Local governments reported lost 1,900 positions, the federal government in the state lost 300 jobs and state government added 1,800 jobs.

Wow. It couldn't be more clearer than this. Walker withheld hundreds of millions in state aid from local governments and kept the money for his own administration, forcing many local communities to cut hundreds of employees from their payrolls. However, with millions more shifted to Walker's moneybag, he was able to hire 1,800 at the state level while local taxpaying jurisdictions lost almost the same number, job-for-job and dollar-for-dollar. So we're still paying the same budget bill to keep Walker's state patronage army well funded while we have thousands more out of work paying into local general funds.

This can't last long.

In the meantime, you can bet Walker will swear local communities and school district budgets "saved" millions by using his scalpel cutting "tools."

Well THAT didn't take long. In this video, Walker is interviewed by Faux News serial liar Sean Hannity and talks about all the local jobs he saved in municipalities because ...they were going bankrupt.

Of some local interest here in Janesville, near the start of this video a Waukesha school board member (supposed to be non-partisan) appears in a political ad supporting Scott Walker. You might recall the dust-up that happened in Janesville when a city council member quietly and almost unnoticed, walked out of an auditorium dinner engagement when Walker walked on stage to speak. Some of the local GOP whackjobs including the Janesville Gazette and another (non-partisan?) city council member went bazooka over his departure from the dinner.

Obviously, the Janesville incident doesn't come close to the militant Waukesha school board hack appearing in and speaking in a full blown political campaign ad for Republican Scott Walker. But it's worth the irony.

Democurmudgeon - More on the Waukesha School Board Member Featured in Walker Ad

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