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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wisconsin Legislators Introduce Bill To Restore Collective Bargaining Rights

In September I suggested in two postings that I'd like to see an Assembly/Senate Democrat or two in the state legislature introduce a resolution/bill to repeal Walker's brutal class war Act 10 budget bill. Although this proposal by Sen. Risser and Assemblyman Pocan does not appear to be a full repeal, it certainly looks like my wish came true.

DailyKos Excerpt:
On Tuesday Senator Fred Risser (D–Madison) and Assemblyman Mark Pocan (D–Madison) introduced legislation to restore collective bargaining rights to public servants across the State of Wisconsin.

The bill if passed would,

[include] provisions to reinstate how unions are certified, to again allow for the collection of union dues and to reinstate the ability to collectively bargain for working conditions.

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