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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ron Johnson Admits No Jobs Plan And Won't Vote For One

Nineteen constituents were arrested after they entered Sen. Ron Johnson's downtown Milwaukee office to inquire about why he voted against the American Jobs Act.

WEAU Excerpt:
He says the Senate voted as it did because economic expansion must come from the private sector, not the government.

Johnson Press Release Excerpt
Unfortunately, those who came to my Milwaukee office were more interested in scoring political points than discussing issues. They chose not to meet with my staff, but instead to be disorderly, which unfortunately resulted in their arrest by law enforcement."

DailyKos Excerpt:
Johnson is one callous lying SOB. These people knew that Johnson wasn't at his Milwaukee Headquarters. They are not stupid. They went in to speak with his staff. They were greeted by security and immediately told to leave. Cops instantaneously arrived and zip tied them and dragged them off on charges of trespassing. These protesters are not politicians trying to make "political points." They are his constituents trying desperately to be heard!

Here is that malcontent getting released from the slammer. She had it coming to her for having the gall to walk into her Senator's regional office. An afternoon on ice should teach her to act as if she lives in a representative democracy!

Believe it or not - Ron Johnson actually has a deregulation plan designed to fuel even higher unemployment rates.


Story and Photos at Wisconsin Jobs Now

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