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Friday, October 14, 2011

Is The Tea Party Crumbling From Occupation?

Just an observation. After completing my regular cruising around through various blogs and newspaper comment sections, I'd swear that the few posters that I identify by from their past comments as genuine Tea Party have hinted that they want to join with and march with the Wall Street protesters. I strongly believe the reasons they gave are legitimate and sincere. These are real Tea Party grassroots bottom-rung people who obviously can relate to the economic injustice message of the Occupy movement. Regular folks. Normally I would love to post their comments here but fear they would be attacked and brutalized by web-stalking Tea Party bull whips.

This article from politico also seems to reflect a heightened sense of desperation from Tea Party leadership (they have leaders?) to discredit and de-legitimize the anti-Wall Street protesters in the hearts and minds of those very same mass subscribers. They must know things are going wobbly.

The best thing about the movement so far is that it has not been co-opted like the Tea Party has, that it's fully organic and all inclusive. I think we should cautiously welcome real tea party grassroots folks but reject all overtures from any so-called Tea Party leadership or their interloping allies. In my view, we are not here to fight over the size of government as much as we are here to fight for the restoration of good government. That's one simple test for separating out some of the astro-turfing Tea Party riff raff from the genuinely sincere.

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