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Friday, July 08, 2011

Scott Walker Named No. 1 Scariest Governor

From AlterNet - The 10 Scariest GOP Governors: Bringing a Radical Right-Wing Agenda To a State Near You.

AlterNet Excerpt:
Still, the bill passed, Walker's still in charge, and he's been taking aim at those who could defeat him. He got his way with a vicious voter ID bill and his budget cuts hit everything from the state university to the public schools to the state's health care program, one of the best in the country. He targeted rural broadband, people with disabilities and reproductive health care, and he's even messing with craft beer. (He really should know better on that one, but it seems there isn't a fight Walker's unwilling to pick.)

One of the biggest differences between the Right and Left is this. When the Right reads an article like this one sharply criticizing their kind - Republicans want to run them for president. When the Left reads an article like this one sharply criticizing one of their kind - Democrats want to impeach him in the Inquirer. What is THAT all about?

Read full story here.

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