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Saturday, July 09, 2011

What Kind Of Wine Does Paul Ryan Drink For $350?

Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru.

Here's an amazing story with photos from TPM about Rep. Paul Ryan dining at an upscale DC restaurant.

Here we learn that Ryan -- the architect of the Boone's-Farm-for-everyone, national-fiscal-austerity plan -- auto-pilots $350 bottles of Echezeaux Grand Cru (not one, but two bottles!) for his daily dinners and hangs with foul-mouth punk elitists looking for a brawl. Then he calls (demogogues?) the person who took note of his party's garish behavior "crazy." Yep, that's pure Ryan. But who are the other two? The Paul Ryan Watch asks?

TPM Excerpt:
She was outraged that Ryan was consuming hundreds of dollars in wine while Congress was in the midst of intense debates over whether to cut seniors' safety net, and she didn't know whether Ryan or his companions was going to pay for the wine and whether the two men were lobbyists. She snapped a few shots with her cell phone to record the wine purchase.

The clash became especially heated when Feinberg asked the men if they were lobbyists.

"F---- her," one of them replied and stood up in a menacing way, according to Feinberg's account.

Ryan does not dispute most of the details of Feinberg's account, although he told TPM the two men are economists, not lobbyists, and characterized Feinberg as "crazy" and possibly drunk. For her part, Feinberg said she believes the economist at the table who got out his seat to challenge her was the one intoxicated.

Remember when one of Ryan's serfs confronted Newt Gingrich? Nobody said he was crazy. Or the media brouhaha over John Edwards $400 hair cuts which helped lead to his indictment?

For a guy who preaches personal responsibility to everybody else when it comes to shopping around for health care, he thinks nothing of looking at the cost of a bottle of wine when he believes somebody else will cover the tab. Until he gets caught. What a phony.

Read full story here.

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