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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Walworth Republican Attempting To Choke Abrahamson Out Of Chief Justice

Prompted by either an apparent lack of respect for women or elders, FitzWalkerstan Repcon rubberstamp Tyler August has injected himself into the operations of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He authored a constitutional amendment that would change how Wisconsin’s Supreme Court chief justice is determined.

Wheeler Report Excerpt:
The bill, currently known as LRB 2018/1, would modify the state’s constitution to require a peer election among the seven justices to select the chief justice, rather than being based on seniority.

“The leader of Wisconsin’s highest court should not simply be who has been there the longest,” said August. “The chief justice should be a consensus builder who has the respect of their fellow justices.”


Anonymous said...

What is Senator Tim Cullens position on this Bill LRB 2018/1?

Anonymous said...

This was just announced today so I don't have Cullen's position. Nor would I be surprised by whatever his position is.


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