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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update: Work Has Begun On The Fitzgerald Project

Just letting my readers know that I've begun spending more time working on building a list of local businesses that have donated heavily to Scott Walker and local republicans. What I found in a random sampling of 30 businesses in Janesville was both disheartening yet promising. Disheartening to find that a solid majority of the businesses in Janesville that do contribute to politicians are not only heavy and steady donors to GOP candidates, but that only a handful donate to both candidates. Of the few "republican" businesses that do cross over and donate to democrats, the amounts given are not even close. There is a clear and wide disparity. I knew this was a problem among Forward Janesville's membership, but I had no idea how much the republican establishment have local democrats over a barrel when it comes to cash support. It's huge. They're just throwing scraps to the democrats. For those voters who follow local politics closely, there will be few surprises.

Instead of only posting a list of businesses, I'll also be posting the amounts they donated to Scott Walker and rate the donor's political rigidity with a 1 to 4 star rating system. But I won't be using stars. At the same time I'll be limiting the list to key contributors only. I'll also post separate lists of donors for the three republicans that were elected to local assembly seats. That's the promising part. The working poor and middle class wage earners will be able to see whether or not our hard earned spending dollars have been working against us. You'll be able to make a smart choice on whether to allow it to continue or not.

I originally intended on calling this endeavor the Fitzgerald Response Project in honor of State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald for his bold-faced remark that the budget bill should go a long way to help defunding the democratic caucus and their contribution base. I will have to thank him someday. But I've changed the name and also came up with a logo that I'll think you'll find both positive and cool. That alone has taken nearly a week. It'll be at least another 2-3 weeks to put it all together. I'll post the name and logo sometime along the way to keep you in suspense. I think it'll be well worth it.


BEV RICHEY said...

thank you for doing this.... many of us are asking and want to get the boycott aspect of the protest started. we are over 3,000 strong on DefendWisconsin Facebook... come join (like) us if you are not already with us. I know that there are many , many people who look forward> to having more ways to express their concerns.... thanks again for all your work... bev

dave said...

Excellent. As soon as you post these businesses, we'll check on whether they dump toxic chemicals into Janesville's air and water. After all, we know that polluters are more likely to be republicans. Particularly when it comes to neurotoxins since they have to give kids brain damage so they become republicans when they grow up...... just saying

Anonymous said...

Just remember that these businesses donate to MANY amazing causes...Children's Hospital for one. So, as you boycott them, do you consider for one second that you may be hurting many, many folks and not even touching those you intended to??

Anonymous said...

Hahaha nice try, Repug. No one believes you AT ALL when you try to play the "we care about kids" card at this point.
Republicans eat Wisconsin children for breakfast. We all know it.

Anonymous said...

Buisnesses donating to many amazing causes is great! If they are amazing causes. What about supporting a Governor who is power hungry and wants to defund BadgerCare? The governor is also proposing the elimination of the Title V Maternal and Child Health program. But they will throw some buck the way of a hospital to look like heros.

Anonymous said...

I don't think lowering the limit to 200% of the poverty rate is defunding BadgerCare; If we keep increasing the number of Medicaid members as we have, there will be no one left to pay for it! And as far as the Title V Maternal and Child Health program? Everything this program was established to do is now being done by other areas, including healthcare providers. There are folks who could defend each and every program out there, but until we have the funds to continue all of them, something has to give.

Anonymous said...

"If we keep increasing the number of Medicaid members as we have." Is it the program's fault? Or is there another element in society driving membership and its high costs? Cutting the program or making it more difficult to qualify does not solve the festering social and helath problem it is intended to alleviate.

Anonymous said...

Until people become accountable for their own actions and health, no program will alleviate these festering social and health problems.

Anonymous said...

But that is precisely why those programs are absolutely necessary. If everyone were accountable for their own actions and health we would not need those programs. Your wanting for utopia is a poor excuse to not help those that can't help themselves. In our society, even those considered responsible fight to not be held accountable. You must be detached from humanity.

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