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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buying Citizenship From The United Sell-Outs Of America

A sprawling sports complex planned in the village of Lakewood - Illinois, would feature baseball fields, bicycle trails and restaurants meant to draw families from throughout the region. In return for kicking in $500,000 apiece, foreign investors in the project would jump to the head of the nation's often-tangled line for legal immigration and win a route toward U.S. citizenship for themselves and their families.
Chicago Tribune Excerpt:
"Nobody here wants to sell their birthright to a foreign investor just because he has money," said Al Stenstrom, who lives in a subdivision near where the McHenry County sports complex would be built. "Excuse my French, but, as a nation, we're becoming whores."
Oh, please sir – you’re tickling me. You know - that kind of talk could get you in trouble. Haven't you heard of capitalism?


Joshua Skolnick said...

Guess What...these rich foreign "investors" want US citizenship because in our third-world style tax haven, the super-rich pay a much lower tax rate than their counterparts in the Eurozone, Japan and Australia. That is a significant reason why Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch became a US citizen; his tax rate in the US is close to half what it was in Australia from where he came.

Joshua Skolnick said...

And these people looking to buy citizenship are also wanting to muscle into a plutocratic elite and corporatist structure that has far more influence and power here than in any other developed nation (and the US status as developed nation is declining). However it doesn't take a vibrant developed economy to create fantastic wealth and power elites; Mexico is home to Carlos Slim, the worlds richest person, despite it's status as a backwater nation.

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