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Friday, November 26, 2010

Michael Moore Battling The Axis Of Ignorance

After Usama Bin Laden released a videotape just days before the 2004 election, President George W. Bush at the time said the two, Michael Moore and Bin Laden, sounded very much alike.
Washington Note Decision Points Excerpt:
In 2000, our October Surprise had come in the form of the DUI revelation. In 2004, it came from Osama bin Laden. On October 29, the al Qaeda leader released a videotape threatening Americans with "another Manhattan" and mocking my response to 9/11 in the Florida classroom. It sounded like he was plagiarizing Michael Moore. "Americans will not be intimidated or influenced by an enemy of our country," I said.
What a terrible thing to say. Comparing the fact-based watchdog work of activist Michael Moore to the murderous Usama bin Laden is really sickening and demonstrates how George W. Bush and his ilk ultimately disrespect American citizens who question their leaders and government and its course in the aftermath of 9/11. Bush and his administration did more to undermine the system of checks and balances in the US government than any other leadership team in modern American history.

Video: Moore's Response To Bush's Book

In the ensuing years unfortunately, Bush had plenty of help from many of his political allies to further blackball Moore, including one from within our very own county of Rock in Wisconsin.

As it turned out, the owner of ABC Supply (Hendricks) was among the first Bush visited after coming out of his cave and just weeks before officially embarking on his book tour.
JG Excerpt: (Oct. 1, 2010)
There, the Bushes were guests of ABC owner Diane Hendricks for a private event closed to the press. Hendricks said she shares many values with the former president and supports his efforts to create a public policy institute that focuses on education, global health, economic improvement and human freedoms.
It didn't dawn on me at the time of the nexus between Bush, Hendricks and Moore simply because I was unaware of Bush's book, "Decision Points" and its slimy passage against Moore. But now we know that Hendricks and Bush shared the same value of attempting to destroy the reputation of the American icon.

Without the financial support from Hendricks of ABC Supply, the character assassination movie "An American Carol" would have not existed. Anyone would really have to have a serious hate festering inside to spend over a million dollars on a movie meant solely to target an American citizen and mock Liberalism. Well, at least Bin Laden would be in your corner.

But the purveyors of hate and our corrupt status quo happen to also be Moore's most deep-seated enemies, and they were beginning to line up six deep and ten wide in what now is best described as a coordinated smear campaign against Moore. Especially after the health care documentary, "Sicko."
Crooks and Liars excerpt:
A surprise to no one who cringed through some of the nasty and personal smears against Michael Moore as "Sicko" was released, reformed health care executive Wendell Potter admitted that there was a systematic plan and campaign to discredit both the filmmaker and documentary.
Health Care Brass Apologizes To Moore

Although I applaud Potter for finally taking a stand for truth, honesty and fair play, their smear campaign was only a small part of a much larger self-styled "borg" conspiracy to crucify one of health care reform's most outspoken symbols.
NY Times Excerpt:
According to tax records unearthed by Bloomberg News, the health insurance lobby secretly gave $86.2 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2009 to try to prevent the health care bill from becoming law. The huge contribution — 40 percent of the chamber’s spending for that year — allowed the group to run ads against the bill without tainting the insurance industry, which was negotiating with Democrats on the bill at the same time.
It was effective and did create the dent they were hoping for -- since single payer and the public option never even made it into the health care reform bill along with the obviously tempered public reaction to his "Capitalism" video.

It only figures that Moore's fact-based documentaries and their subject matter continue to stand up so well against the test of time and criticism that the only thing left for the haters of American individualism and exceptionalism to attack is his character - attack the messenger. I think the work Michael Moore does is so unique and vital to our country that he very well could be among only a handful of our national figures with enough integrity and self-respect to retake the current narrative away from the nattering nabobs of negativism and restore common sense.

But he can't do it alone.

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