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Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Official: Garin Decides to Sit This One Out

Kenosha, Wisconsin , July 11, 2010 - Paulette Garin, 2008 Democratic Congressional Candidate, who had been contemplating a 2010 run in Wisconsin ’s 1st District, announced today that she is “sitting this one out.”

“First and foremost, I thank the wonderful people who have supported and encouraged me.”

Garin was informed that 1st CD Executive Board of the Democratic Party, in what she considers an 11th hour move to save face, has apparently chosen to rally around and support Board Member, John Heckenlivey, as their candidate for Congress. Through emails and phone calls, Garin learned that the Board, contrary to the long standing policy of not siding or acting on behalf of one candidate over another met Saturday, July 10, and chose to organize a last minute drive to assist Heckenlively in collecting over 1,000 signatures by the Tuesday filing deadline.

“The irony about all of this is that after over a year of conducting a search for a moneyed candidate they anoint John at the last minute who intends to run the very kind of grassroots campaign I asked them to consider all along.”

“While I am disappointed that the party took so long to embrace the idea of a grassroots campaign, the good news is they finally appear motivated to take measurable action. Still, it is impossible for me to perceive most of the leadership in a serious manner. Therefore, I am sitting this one out so that the focus of the next few months is on defeating Paul Ryan and not the dysfunctionality of the Democratic Party.”

“I wish John the best of luck.” -- Paulette Garin's press release
I couldn't agree more with Garin's decision and her exit thoughts. The state and local democratic parties surrendered to the "socialist" labels and baloney put out by Ryan and the stooge-enabling media.

With that, it will be interesting to see how far right the democratic candidate will make Ryan appear - if you know what I mean, considering anyone to left of Ryan is labeled a socialist.

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xoff said...

If Heckenlively gets on the ballot, it will be lively --- and funny. Maybe he can at least have some fun with Ryan's foibles, of which there are a multitude.

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