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Friday, July 09, 2010

Paul Ryan Promises a "Shock and Awe-sterity" Campaign

MSNBC.COM Excerpt:
Ryan, 40, would become chairman of the budget committee if Republicans win control in November and he is promising "a shock and awe campaign to go after spending." He said Republicans must not "buckle in the knees when it's time to cut spending" like they did the last time they held the majority. Ryan can focus on the national picture because he is expected to breeze to re-election.
Ryan's single-handed destruction of the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin isn't enough ...he's going after the rest of the country. Property, wages and quality of life are expected to mirror his district and will decline rapidly nation-wide.

Idiot democrats claim they can't find anyone to oppose him.


Democurmudgeon said...

You're right, Democrats have the Road Map to dissect during the campaign and scare the hell out of retirees, the same retirees voting against health care reform because it might reduce Medicare.

Amazing picture. Any chance I can use it in the future?

Lou Kaye said...

Absolutely! Anyone can borrow from here anytime. The only thing I ask is to leave my logo or domain name intact.

Unfortunately, Republicans don't have idiocy all locked up to themselves.

I don't pretend it would be easy to beat Ryan, afterall he picks up $2m in crony cash every election cycle and has about a hundred "cousins" in Rock County alone to do his legwork. Plus he is the establishment's candidate. But Ryan is easily dismantled on his ideology, principles, record, roadmap and "what has he done for us ever" premises. I could only imagine what someone like you, I or some of the other blogs could do uncovering this fraud if we had a "intern" staff and some $$$. Unfortunately, most people are sucked in by his presentation, "charisma" and his written word. It's a lazy man's lucky way to earn $170,000 a year plus perks. For some reason it works for him. I can't explain why he gets re-elected.

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