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Monday, July 12, 2010

State GOP: People Can't Have Clean Air, Clean Water And Jobs At The Same Time

Not like I really expected Wisconsin's GOP chairman, Reince Priebus, to issue an apology for his fictitious remarks about Sen. Russ Feingold. Instead, state republicans have refused to stand up with their own free market crony capitalist rhetoric and continue to whitewash their cowardice on their phony principles. They have no choice but to demagogue the other side.
Priebus' Fidgety Response To Bucyrus CEO: Excerpt
”The question we pose to Sen. Feingold isn’t whether he supports this media-friendly overturn of one bad decision in an election year, but whether he’s willing to renounce the Administration's job-killing policies and take proposals like cap-and trade off the table to give businesses like Bucyrus the tools they need to create jobs.
The question I pose to every GOP incumbent and candidate is whether they believe a business interest like Bucyrus was right to abandon private loan guarantees and apply political pressure to demand U.S taxpayers deficit spend in order to underwrite the risk of their sales contract?

If the GOP stood up with their own tea-bag pandering deficit-spending rhetoric, they would have told government-clinging Bucyrus and their employees to shove it before criticizing the Obama Administration. Notwithstanding the Ex-Im Bank or environmental concerns. Oh, the irony.

But, can workers have fresh air to breath and clean water to drink and have a job all at the same time? It's obvious if republicans regain the levers of government, Americans won't be so lucky.

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