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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where was Ryan's Concern For National Deficits Earlier?

Less than two years ago in August of 2008 and just one month before the Great Recession meltdown, what was Congressman Paul Ryan talking about at "listening" sessions in his district? Anyone remember? Was he warning us about the national debt? Noooo. Was he warning us about the rampant and destructive greed on Wall Street and its imminent collapse? Not really. Was he warning us about the consequences of selling our debt to other countries? Not quite. So what was Ryan talking about back then?
Rock Netroots Excerpt:
August 11, 2008 - "He was trying to get his point across as a Republican by pitting the Democrats and the Republicans sides as too different," he said. "They're trying to say the Democrats aren't working with them to get bills passed to drill" for oil.
That's right. Ryan was doing back then what he has been doing now and always - that is perverting every argument and every response on old tried-and-true partisan calculations to divide the electorate and to divert attention away from the real causes of our problems - not to propose any workable solutions.
Rock Netroots Excerpt:
In the middle of the forum, a woman asked Ryan about Racine's economy. Ryan said he thinks the economy will remain in trouble, but that the answer goes back to fuel. He suggested lowering gas prices and reducing inflation as ways to fix the country's apparent recession.
Ryan's top priority to get the economy going again less than two years ago - drilling for oil and lowering gasoline prices - was standard issue GOP boilerplate at the time.

Back then, Ryan did a fabulous job pretending to the "little people" in his district like he knew what he was talking about - just like he does now. He still slaps up PowerPoint presentations and yammers on in riddles about the selfless morality of capitalism and trickle-down economics. Little has changed.

Not that I ever toot my own horn or expect anyone to pay much attention, but who was among the ignored chorus of concerned citizens warning about the consequences of selling our debt to foreign countries and spiraling uncontrolled deficits seeded by tax cuts during war time and rampant spending back in August of 2008?

Let's just say it wasn't Paul Ryan.

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