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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paul Ryan Has No Room To Criticize Budget

Congressman Paul Ryan has been making the regular rounds with his media enablers over the past week taking his usual shots at congressional Democrats for not proposing a budget resolution this year. But does Ryan have any fiscal credibility to stand on?

Afterall, he was the GOP's pitchman for the past two years when they made a pretty big deal over their so-called budget alternatives.

Remember the one in 2009? Appropriately unveiled on April Fools Day, Ryan stood in front of cameras waving an empty budget that appeared to be no thicker than a children’s coloring book. Of course the main problems with the GOP's budget plans are also the most obvious - none of them are actual budgets and they didn’t contain any numbers! What they do contain are the same old crackerjack tax cuts and trickle-down ideological claptrap that the GOP regurgitates as the solution to all of our problems. That they were able to find space in their 19-page budget booklet to criticize the democrats budget should be really telling of their sincerity. Each time, the GOP's alternative budget was actually the same tax code right-wing manifesto they perennially present for jobs, balancing budgets and dismantling Social Security, Medicare or for just about any economic crisis that may arise - only under a different bumper sticker slogan every year. Ironically, their budgets are the framework to what led up to this economic mess in the first place.

None of that should let the current Congress off the hook for not passing a budget resolution, but "numble's" Ryan should be one of the last people on Earth to scold the other side about the lack of a budget resolution when his own so-called "alternative" budgets lacked of all things - numbers.

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