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Monday, June 28, 2010

GOP Support For Interstate Expansion Exposes Deficit Hypocrites

President Obama held a press conference at the conclusion of the G20 Summit in Toronto and at the very end he called out the GOP rhetoric on the deficit.
Politicususa Excerpt:
Obama said, “I hope some of these folks hollering about deficit and debt step up, because I am calling their bluff.”
Sure, he's addressing both the national and global economies, but on a smaller scale I've been calling out those same anti-spending rhetoric folks, local chambers of commerce and other GOP establishment business groups including their conservative newspaper enablers to step up and explain how they could support both state and federal deficit spending to the tune of $1.5 billion on the I39/90 interstate expansion and at the very same time support a deficit grandstander like Paul Ryan and other anti-stimulus hypocrites like Scott Walker and Ron Johnson who have built their entire campaigns largely around deficit spending and debt hyperbole. I can't think of a more glaring example of the local right's hypocrisy on deficit spending than the I39/90 interstate expansion.

It's time to say what you mean - or mean what you say. All politics is local.

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