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Friday, June 04, 2010

Campaign Donors - One Collective Paul Ryan Ain't Rand With

Ryan pretty much had his way Thursday evening with the group of about 80 hometown residents sitting in the auditorium of Craig High School on the east side of Janesville. For the sake of not rehashing through Ryan's yawning presentation, most of his rehearsed talking points and respun disinformation can be read here.

All seemingly went as planned for the Congressman until one member of the audience threw him off his game explaining how Big Business and lobbyists have bought much of Congress and asked Ryan if he would propose or support campaign finance reform. In response, Ryan at first joked about the apparent and widespread dissatisfaction in McCain - Feingold, but then explained how limiting government is ultimately the answer because limited government means less government to influence, and less government means less money will be spent to buy influence - really!

From there he offers his ideologically damaged assessment of Fannie and Freddie before attempting to move on to another question.

But Ryan never answered the question and his inquisitor knew it. Before Ryan had a chance to move on, the same citizen stood up (unannounced) and asked Ryan again if he would support campaign finance reform. Ryan snapped back demanding that he sit back down. After settling down, Ryan then twisted the citizen's question and concern into an affront against free speech and spoke as if he didn't know what the questioner meant by campaign finance reform. The congressman also slyly equated individual's rights to the rights of collectives including corporations, a la corporate personhood and the controversial Supreme Court ruling. He also repeatedly said he would not vote for anything that would take away from an individual, a group of individuals or a business's right to express themselves. Strangely, the audience mostly applauded.

In other words, the current state of campaign finance is just about right for Paul Ryan. Why fix something that ain't broke?


Anonymous said...

Someone should ask him if he would support a BP bailout.

Democurmudgeon said...

Not only has his Road Map been exposed as a budget and safety net buster, but you astutely picked up the next big question for Ryan; Corporate person-hood/campaign finance.

Under his parties watch, K Street took over congress, and now Ryan is twisting that fact into a positive. He now claims regulation is another dangerous way government is colluding with business. Jonah Goldberg would call it, liberal fascism. So Democrats are the ones giving corporations all the control over Washington, while Republicans are doing...the opposite? Jesus, Ryan nuts.

Lou Kaye said...

That is absolutely the dynamic they are trying to build. That Congress created regulations (and rule of law) not for the purpose of protecting workers, consumers, the markets or the environment, but so they have something to barter with and trade to BigCorpse for cashola. Democrats = regulations to compromise (sell). Republicans = deregulation, therefore nothing to compromise.

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