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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Paul Ryan's Hometown Among Forbes Worst For Jobs

Wow. Who would've thunk it?

The bad news.

Janesville was named the seventh worst out of 397 places in America - to find a job. That's not in Wisconsin - that's in the entire country!

Some armchair experts accuse Wisconsin of not being a business friendly state, although that doesn't explain the poor job opportunities spread across most of the country. Others blame it on the collapse of the manufacturing sector.

But how could that be? Paul Ryan is our congressman and he repeatedly wins awards for legislating manufacturing excellence from an outfit called the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). So, how is it when a congressman voting NAM's way over 90 percent of the time (during a GOP majority no less) not only results in a precipitous decline of the manufacturing industry within his district, but in the entire country? And helps set his district on a glide path of record unemployment? All the while local officials arrive at the sinking reality that manufacturing jobs are irretrievably lost forever?

And so it is. After twelve years of NAM's Ryan, the once robust manufacturing sector of the 1st congressional district of Wisconsin has officially gone ker-plunk. Janesville is the seventh worst for jobs, Racine (also in Ryan's district) came in at 19th worst out of 397. But we can't blame any of this on Congressman Ryan. Oh -no. Afterall, none of his votes in congress ever mattered. It's everybody else in congress that was reckless.
NBC/15 Madison Excerpt:
"It's surprising that we are that low." Bob Borremans works at the Rock County jobs center. He says there's promising job growth in the health-care and service sectors. Also, they're setting the foundation for future jobs in distribution, food processing, plastics and medical equipment.
Apparently, Ryan hasn't worked his magic on those business sectors just yet.

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