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Friday, May 07, 2010

More Misleading Junk From The Gazette

Titled O'Connor argues against electing judges, this deliberately misleading headline posted on a short AP article implies that former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is opposed to the democratic election of judges. When in truth, she said unregulated judicial campaigns and unlimited contributions threaten the democratic election of judges by undermining independence of the judiciary.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling deeming corporations the same rights as an individual, all of democracy is under a heightened threat of widespread corruption, not just judgeship's. Assuming the actual balloting is honest, it's the wealthy corporate fascists undermining the system that are the problem.

Traditional News Continually Misleads Us

Posted in Thursdays' paper, the Gazette republished an editorial from the Kansas City Star claiming that GM's ad stating they repaid the government loan five years ahead of schedule with interest was misleading.
Kansas City Star Excerpt:
It turns out the loan wasn’t repaid with GM earnings.
In addition, this outside sourced editorial appears to be the Gazette's attempt to help bolster Congressman Ryan's similarly pointless assertion made a few days earlier.

I'm no fan of corporate GM, but the Gazette, Ryan and the rest of the media enabled anti-Obama right-wing circus should have to prove that "not coming from earnings" disqualified the terms of the loan or that the loan is still outstanding before spewing their partisan driven lies and propaganda.

What is even more troubling is that the Janesville Gazette would attempt to deny GM any possible chance of a psychological boost for returning tax dollars to the treasury!! when the newspaper recently grandstanded editorials for Forward Janesville's $1.5 billion tax hike to expand the interstate or the Janesville city council's rubber stamped decision to hand-out a forgivable $227,500 to Fortune 500 W.W. Grainger for restructuring. Forward Janesville and the city administration both touted the "psychological impact" such tax confiscating trickle-down corporate sponsorships will have on local residents.

The daily dose of misleading reporting from traditional news sources along with the ideologically driven and partisan saturated newspaper op-eds masquerading as common sense and equal justice for all is a national epidemic that threatens the very existence of our democracy.

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