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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beck: Obama and Bush Are The Same, They're Progressives

As noted at Think Progress. When Glenn Beck can't speak the truth (or can't handle the truth) about the snowballing and irreversable deficits generated by policies of the previous Bush administered tax cut Republican-led Congress, he just conveniently calls the mascot of compassionate conservatism a "progressive." That's it! Bush was a progressive!
Think Progress Excerpt:
BECK: What has [Obama] done that is different? I think he’s done exactly what George Bush was doing, except to the times of a thousand. I mean we’re talking about a progressive. And George Bush was a progressive. It’s the difference between a steam train and the space shuttle.
After his radio interview with Beck, I now wonder how Congressman Paul Ryan would respond to that after recently agreeing with the rodeo clown's assessment that progressivism is a "cancer that’s eating at America,” yet supported Bush's policies more than 90% of the time for eight years and objects to nearly everything Obama and the Democrats have now proposed.

Of course Beck has absolutely no clue to what he is talking about. But how does Ryan cluefully explain his support for Bush?

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