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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top Illinois Attraction: Corporate Welfare

Excerpt from a Janesville Gazette article in today's edition about local lobbyist (Forward Janesville) efforts to foist a $1.5 billion interstate expansion and other business "incentives" onto the tax payers, titled "Local leaders plot roadmap to future."

JG Excerpt: (Link unavailable)
ABC Supply's Diane Hendricks said that's what she's facing with one of the companies she and her late husband, Ken, started in Beloit. Hendricks has charged the company's management with growing the company as efficiently as possible, and the result will likely mean a move to Illinois, which offers more appealing incentives. "Wisconsin just doesn't compete," Hendricks said.

"It tears my guts to see the company move to Illinois, but I have to let it grow."

Apparently, wealthy businesses can't grow without government help, so the roadmap for Rock County's future leads to Illinois.

Imagine the struggles of the average small business start-up, too proud and principled to accept government aid, trying to compete against the Hendricks' of the world. As of February 2010, Illinois' unemployment stands at 11.4%. Wisconsin's 8.7%.

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Anonymous said...

Since when does a business need an incentive to hire employees? Without buying what they're selling,,isn't that counter-productive, counter free market?

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