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Sunday, August 09, 2009

RNR's Five Most Popular Posts This Year

To mark my 900th post written here over the three year existence of Rock Netroots, I thought it a normal curiosity to list the five most popular stories (based on total hits) since the beginning of this year. They are listed below in chronological order.

This one really surprised me. I had no idea people would enjoy reading the last sentence of the Declaration Of Independence and the message as it relates to today's health care debate.

TOP FIVE Return to Founding Roots In Health care battle. (July 28)

Cartoon created Aug. 6, 2009 by Tony Auth.

TOP FIVE Warning #9 Issued For Janesville Water (May 8)

TOP FIVE Past City growth Elevated danger to thousands (April 28)

TOP FIVE Can Jobs Be Created Without Subsidies And Tax Credits? (March 30)

TOP FIVE Will Junior Hockey Team Skate Right In? (January 19)

The number one all-time read page and hit champion at Rock Netroots is actually from last year just before Election Day Tuesday titled……Reject Ryan For Tomorrow’s Future

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