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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gazette: Teaching Can Be Rewarding

Today's Gazette editorial titled Higher education is better option close to home seemed innocent enough until they dropped this line.
JG Editorial Excerpt:
With the shortages of math, science and special education teachers and those teaching bilingual courses, a teaching degree can be rewarding.
Remember the Mr.Miffed fictional editorial in a January edition titled “Teachers need reality check on benefits?” That one editorial was and is the best example of the Gazette’s position regarding teachers wage and benefit "rewards."
JG Mr. Miffed Excerpt(From January 21th):
Teachers also must realize that us taxpayers are finding fewer good jobs with generous benefits these days. Look at out many jobs GM has squeezed out at the plant. And new jobs seem to be service work – low paying jobs at big box stores, burger joints and the like. Again, teachers need a dose of reality. I support your efforts to get them to share health care benefits.
But only after they trash-can teachers healthcare and benefits, eagerly endorse GOP politicians who would rather exclude oil profits from taxes than give education the funds necessary to keep good teachers close to home AND write editorials equating a career in teaching with flippin' burgers for a living. Yeah, if you can survive all that, a career as a teacher in Janesville can be really rewarding.

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