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Friday, June 16, 2017

Janesville Gazette's Criticism Of Paul Ryan Ran Rings Around Challenger

In a recent Janesville Gazette editorial, Democracy drowning in flood of campaign cash, the newspaper's editorial staff appears to be taking issue with our fleebagger congressman, Paul Ryan.

Don't believe the hype.

The barbs of criticism they threw at Ryan were made of rubber, though necessary to provide cover so as not to appear partisan for taking shots at their intended target - declared 1st District democratic challenger David Yankovich.

To shift our focus, the Gazette claimed there's too much money in politics, yet they belittle Ryan's last democratic challenger, Ryan Solen, for raising "a paltry $23,749." If they were true believers in their own hype, Solen's lightweight campaign cash would have been the blessing they were looking for in a candidate and not the curse they mock in their editorial.

The Gazette also trumpets the fact that Rock County voters knew better about money in politics when we overwhelmingly (86% to 14%) approved the "Amend Citizen's United" referendum last fall, yet I don't recall the Gazette's endorsement of the referendum when they were posting their political recommendations in November. According to my blog records ...they didn't have one.

As far as their concern for Democratic challenger David Yankovich goes, the Gazette calls him a "carpetbagger" from Ohio. Yet again, although previous challenger Ryan Solen is a Wisconsin native, it wasn't enough quality to turn the key for an endorsement from the Gazette last year.

Yeah. No. The Gazette's editorial about democracy drowning in a flood of campaign cash wasn't meant to show the Gazette's worm has finally turned against Paul Ryan or big money in politics. It was a shrewdly written stringer of red herrings to take down democratic challenger David Yankovich, balanced by their faux support for overturning Citizens United while excusing Ryan's big money machine with "they all do it" and perfectly legal. In short, they equalize any blame among the political parties - not at Paul Ryan.

As of now, the chance the Gazette will endorse "Mr. Money" Paul Ryan for re-election in 2018 stands at 99.999367%, so their hollow criticism of him was a very small price to pay to take a clean shot at Yankovich and democrats in general.

If anything, the Gazette sees Ryan as a victim of circumstance.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Isn't the Gazette's editorial board run by Diane Hendricks, anyway? Sure seems like it.

If you want Ryan out, forget the opportunist from Ohio and go with Randy Bryce, a no-BS union man from Wisconsin who'll tell it to the people just how bad Ryan and the GOP,are.

Lou Kaye said...

Yes, I consider the Gazette to be the mouthpiece for Team Ryan, Hendricks and the entire Forward Janesville donor class swamp.

I like Bryce for the job, but I'm not sold on anyone yet. What irks me most are democrats who don't see opportunity when it comes knocking. They just don't seem to have the ability to bring the fight and capture the buzz.

I know very little about Yankovich, but I can see when someone is being goaded into making a mistake response. The trick is having the ability to turn the tables and win every little battle in the war.

It's like, if you won't defend yourself against cheap shots from a newspaper, why would you defend me in Congress?

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing after reading the editorial. Who is David Yankovich? I never heard of him, but in a story about Paul Ryan and the obscene amount of money in politics, HE'S the boogeyman!!

BTW, nice touch with the clocktower.

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