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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Janesville Continues To Lose What Little Good Government It Has Left

The current Janesville city council led by authoritarian activist Council President Doug Marklein voted on Wednesday to protect the council's performance review process of city manager, Mark Freitag, from public scrutiny.

After getting some mild push back earlier when the council rejected Marklein's campaign to dismantle the city's "just cause" standard for city employees, Marklein is back with more proposals to chip away at open government and consolidate power.

JG Excerpt:
JANESVILLE—Going forward, performance evaluations of the city manager should be more consistent but less public, the city council decided Wednesday.

More accurately, "performance evaluations of the city manager will be more consistently less public."

Once again only one member of the city council, Jens Jorgensen, voted on the side of good government insisting to keep documented review forms open to public records. City Manager Freitag of course, was in favor of dropping form evaluations and making his performance review an oral feedback session.

The Gazette wrote of Jorgensen, "In the interest of transparency, he argued the council should continue to use them so individual council members' evaluations can remain public."

Sorry, but transparency lost.

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