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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Ooops. Did Monterey Dam Consultants Not Take New Rules For Indianford Into Account?

It's beginning to look like it.

As first noted here, analysis of water levels on the Rock River projected to course through Janesville's downtown assuming the city dismantles the Monterey Dam did not take into account new height rules upstream for nearby Lake Koshkonong. Those new rules, a compromise reached between the weakened DNR and litigating parties, will raise the Indianford Dam five inches over the next two years.

In the meantime, Janesville taxpayers have paid many tens of thousands for "expert" advice that failed to take into account those new rules.

So I can't blame some city council members for being upset over city spending on reports that are essentially useless. Unfortunately, changing the issue into a spending or control problem only diverts attention away from the insufficient reports on Monterey.

Janesville residents should expect local officials and their media enablers to change the conversation regarding water levels or completely ignore it in order to keep everyone in the dark.

Whitewash, rinse, repeat.

I uncover it. They bury it. I'm used to it.

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