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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Invite-Only Celebration: Janesville Dark Store Will Host Mike Pence And Paul Ryan

According to this story, VP Mike Pence and Rep. Paul Ryan will host an invite-only event at Blain Supply in Janesville Friday morning to discuss their economic agenda.

It's the perfect place. Here's why.

Blain Supply recently lawyered up to challenge the property tax bill on their Janesville location and captured a yuge settlement.

Their legal argument was not based on local fair market value, but a theory known as "dark store" where they believe their property is unique to their business and assessed values should be no more than equally developed but abandoned "dark" commercial properties in say ...Detroit. Or in this case, Janesville.

Fight them in court, and legal fees could cost the city more than if they surrender to their demands. These lower property tax assessments however are not just a one time pay out. Blain's new assessment will stick for years into the future while those without a battery of lawyers or lobbyists, mainly local small businesses and homeowners, pay a greater share of the tax burden.

The Janesville Gazette, Paul Ryan's local campaign media outlet, quickly editorialized about Blain's bizarre demands, describing their lawyered tactics as "preying on the city."

But unbeknownst to the average Janesville resident at the time, the parent company of the Janesville Gazette, Bliss Communications, lawyered up a property tax challenge and won a dark store settlement of their own. Imagine that.

This is not old news, folks. It's all very current.

Just before all of this transpired, the local Scott Walker and Paul Ryan business chamber, Forward Janesville, bless their conservative hearts ...said that if Janesville residents are unwilling to accept increased tax obligations, the local economy could death spiral.

We now know why they would make such a foreboding request of average Janesville taxpayers. They knew their political donor class membership elites are not only refusing to pay their current share, but demanding to pay much much less in the foreseeable future. So somebody else will have to step up and pay the difference.

That's why in my view, Blain is the perfect place to showcase not only Janesville, but whatever the wealth transfer tax gimmick Paul Ryan or VP Pence is selling. You know the trick how increased government spending boosts economic activity to make it look like tax cuts for the rich - works - and broadening the base will bring more revenue into a government they intend on shrinking. That trick.

It'll be glorious.

You might think this is a story based on "alternative facts" or retrofitted from Mad Magazine or the Onion. It is not. Fact is, I'm barely tickling the local kleptocracy with this posting.

Welcome To Janesville!


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