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Monday, October 10, 2016

So It Begins, Paul Ryan's Next Urban Legend

It's buried somewhere in Paul Ryan's DNA to co-opt people, groups and movements. He did it to conservatives, the Tea Party and the House Freedom Caucus. He did it to Ayn Rand and now he's doing it to Donald Trump. Some people might call that the sign of a good politician. I call it a person who lacks the courage of his convictions.

Chicago Tribune Excerpt:
Another says Ryan has told lawmakers that he won't campaign with Trump. And he is advising GOP candidates “to do what's best for you in your district.”

You know he meant, "do what's best for you to keep your district seat." But which is it? Does he stand with Donald Trump or doesn't he? No one really knows for sure.

So it begins as Ryan lays down the framework to defend himself from future political liabilities expected to come his way when he throws his hat into the presidential ring for 2020. Any reports claiming he supported or is associated with Donald Trump will be dismissed as “an urban legend.”


Politico - House GOP Huddles After Debate

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