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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Local Business Lobby On School Referendum: Raise Taxes To Educate The Workers

In the course of endorsing a pair of Milton School District referendums seeking nearly $100 million from local taxpayers (Pop. 5,546 / 2010 census), Gov. Scott Walker's area tax-jacking booster team Forward Janesville, wrote ...

JG Excerpt:
Forward Janesville also said the money would allow Milton schools to “provide solid footing to educate the workers that area businesses need to grow and prosper.”

Let's not kid ourselves here, the Milton school referendum first and foremost will be lining the pockets of Forward Janesville membership, but it will be up to Milton voters to decide whether they want to pay an extra $525 a year (median home value in 53563 is $168,400) for the next 20 years in property taxes for the proposal. Keep in mind that a huge hit like this if approved, will likely foul local taxpayers for years to come when faced with unforeseen but necessary increases in general fund obligations, operational costs and maintenance.

But after lobbying the state for massive income tax cuts, enterprise tax credits, "portable" tax credits, manufacturing credits and Janesville for a downtown TIF District expected to shift $30 million in tax revenue growth away from local general fund obligations for themselves, AND with a membership growing increasingly hostile when it comes to their own property taxes ...Forward Janesville has never met a local regressive tax hike they didn't like. If that all isn't enough.

But now it's to "educate the workers." Too funny and sad, simultaneously.

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