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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sanders, Kloppenburg and Trump Carry Rock County

Some election results out from Rock County.

Democratic Party Primary

Bernie Sanders      60.43%    17,337
Hillary Clinton      39.21%     11,248
Total 28,585 (54.3%)

Republican Party Primary

Donald Trump  41.48%   10,264
Ted Cruz             36.52%     9,038
John Kasich       19.17%      4,743
Total 24,045 (45.6%)


With those numbers, Rock County is showing only a slight advantage for not-establishment populist candidates. Sanders and Trump, 27.5k to Clinton, Kasich and Cruz together at 25k votes.

Although JoAnne Kloppenburg also carried Rock County, she did not do as well against Walker's Bradley in the county as she did against Walker's Prosser back in 2011 when she captured 60% or 22,145 votes to Prosser's 39.7% (14,626).

On Tuesday, Kloppenburg won the county - 54.78% (26,538) from (28,585 Dem Prez) votes cast to Bradley's 44.90% (21,752) from (24,045 GOP Prez) votes cast.

Obviously, the enthusiasm factor played a major role again, but this time working against Kloppenburg as Donald Trump's front-running status helped bring out the rabid revenge-filled "Stand with Walker" supporters statewide. While Bernie Sanders supporters were enthusiastic on the Democratic side, they seemed detached from the down ticket ballot.

Also, the ubiquitous "money in politics" played a big role as Pro-Bradley Groups Had 4-to-1 Spending Edge.

Citizens United took a beating in Wisconsin. In Janesville, 84% voted YES to overturn the disastrous Supreme Court ruling.

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