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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Anonymous Column - "Pass It On" #8

On Janesville Gazette Endorsements:
✦ Kloppenburg easily deserved everyone's endorsement and vote on Tuesday, but the Janesville Gazette's endorsement for her was a complete farce. If the Wisconsin Supreme Court was tied at 3 liberals and 3 conservatives, I guarantee you they would have endorsed Rebecca Bradley without a blink. You can take that to the bank.

✦ Make no mistake, the GOP-heavy Janesville Gazette endorsed JoAnne Kloppenburg to appease their Democratic and Progressive customer base. It's a calculated shift, win or lose, to appear less partisan to their critics. Plus, they can afford that now with conservatives holding a majority stranglehold on every branch of state government.

✦ In the recent past, the Janesville Gazette endorsed pro-WMC conservatives Ann Ziegler, Michael Gableman over Butler, the unhinged David Prosser over Kloppenburg and Rock County Judge James Daley over incumbent Ann Walsh Bradley, with the newspaper calling opponents either partisans, special interests or too liberal. Now they endorse Kloppenburg the second time around?? I would like to think their endorsement was sincere for her honesty and Constitutional acumen, but they only do what's best for business.

✦ The Gazette's endorsements for the Janesville city council should surprise nobody if you're paying attention to the local Forward Janesville Gazette agenda. Liberals, pragmatists and progressive oriented candidates are being used by the same people who installed the single-party ruled conservative-run central state control. Local progressives and the progressive platform in particular are being co-opted. Wake up!

✦ Does anyone wonder why conservative incumbents and candidates for Janesville city council are NOT endorsed by the Gazette lately? If you're a fiscal conservative running for city government - the conservative newspaper doesn't want you in there. Would anyone like to guess why?

On Trump:
✦ I crack up when I hear somebody say, “I will vote for Trump because he speaks his mind. Since when does speaking your mind make you presidential material? My drunk uncle always speaks his mind. Maybe he should run since he makes as much sense as Trump.

✦ If Janesville officials really wanted to prevent residents from protesting the billionaire Trump, all they had to do was write up a TIF agreement giving Trump 10 acres of green fertile land and a million dollars for free. They never protest that in Janesville.

✦ Trump seemed genuinely surprised by his supporters negative reaction to Paul Ryan. But state party republicans say Ryan is very popular with them. Apparently, the House leader of the gerrymandered GOP-majority Congress with an 11% approval rating is a big hit with the establishment. The party also thinks conservatives who want to primary Ryan have been played.

✦ Americans For Prosperity, the Club For Growth and Scott Walker thank the folks protesting in Janesville against Trump and for helping Ted Cruz win the GOP primary and keep their red state wealth redistribution agenda on course.

On "What Is This?":
✦ OK. Menards vowed not to build a new store in Ohio until Obama is gone from the White House. Deficit spending local governments all around the country are giving away land and cash to wealthy developers and corporations. After North Carolina passed new anti-LGBT laws, Bruce Springsteen canceled his upcoming concert in Greensboro. Is there one name for all this?

On Why JoAnne Kloppenburg lost:
✦ Without union blue fist protesters to scapegoat and kick around, Wisconsin right-wing radio needed a backlash target to ignite enthusiasm among their kool-aid drinking base. They found that target in Donald Trump.

✦ If this was not a presidential primary but instead a regular state ballot with Kloppenburg and Bradley at the top of the ticket - Kloppenburg would have won.

✦ Hate prevails again when the only reason to vote for a candidate is not an endorsement for that candidate or about issues or positions, but a personalized tactical vote to make sure the other guy does not win. Sad state of affairs for many Wisconsin voters who have become not much more than pawns for a political cult.

✦ Once the republican party realized they could stop Donald Trump, they only needed their "non-partisan" media tools and interest groups to disseminate that message into a "grassroots" movement. The Right has extensive operations in Wisconsin just for that purpose. It gave their base a mission to turn out for and they proceeded to vote down ticket as well.

On The Pepper Spray Altercation At The Janesville Trump Protest:
✦ The 15 year old girl may have genuinely thought that she was inappropriately touched, but it would have to be more visible and certainly more deliberate than what the videos showed. Still, she was within her rights to lash out verbally, but stepped out of bounds the moment she threw a punch. In her favor was the natural defense of striking back at a perceived groper, but it was still wrong.

✦ They still haven't caught the creep who walked up to the girl and pepper sprayed her? Thank God he wasn't spraying gasoline or acid on her face. That young man has some serious issues. He should be charged with felony assault.

On Koch Brothers Story Planning Paul Ryan Nomination:
✦ Consider the possibility that the latest meme dropped by Koch Industry operatives publicly announcing Koch's private intentions to get Paul Ryan nominated is a ploy to cause public backlash. The Kochs know their endorsements and exposure to the process are radioactive. Consider that they want Paul Ryan to stay right where he is for now.

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