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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Paul Ryan Sends SOS Code For "Wealthy Of The World Unite!"

TPM Excerpt:
House Speaker Paul Ryan's office put out a Friday email blast to "unite the clans," a reference to the Academy Award-winning film "Braveheart."

The email calls attention to Ryan's penchant for referencing the epic film about the Scottish battle for independence while pushing his plan to unite conservatives around a "bold, pro-growth agenda."

We all know what Ryan's "bold, pro-growth" agenda is. It's about turning federal programs into state block grants, destabilizing Social Security and Medicare and tax cuts for corporations and the rich. Oh, and fitting the Koch's metanarrative in where and when possible. That's about it.

TPM Excerpt:
The email also featured a gif of star Mel Gibson from that scene in the film.

"Building a movement—particularly one based on such an inclusive approach—takes time, but as Braveheart reminds us, it's all worth it in the fight for 'freeeeedooooooooom,'" the email read.

For 'freeeeedooooooooom!'



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