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Friday, February 19, 2016

After Scarfing Down Billions, Charles Koch Says ...

Charles Koch, supposedly the brainy one of the infamous brothers Kochtopus political machine, wrote another op-ed not much different from the one he penned in 2014. It's much the same talking points pouring from the standard Koch metanarrative with the exception that he mentions Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by name in what can be seen as an underhanded compliment. That coming after the brothers said they won't be discussing candidates by name since it gets blown out of proportion, I suppose was exclusive to GOP candidates only.

Beyond the mind-boggling cognitive dissonance acknowledging the two-tiered rigged system society the Kochs have lobbied for to create, thus dooming millions, they also claim the corruption in government is a direct result of its size - is kind of like blaming a thousand jigawatt computer for the virus it attracted.

On the surface it seems the Koch brothers are having an epiphany of sorts (which I highly doubt) OR this is their way of putting the kiss of death on an opponent ...OR and this is another possibility that the Kochs, despite their billions and political empire, are really more like the typical self-hating low-info American voter. That because of an irrational adherence to an unworkable ideology, they reject the candidates they agree with the most about fixing the problems of the day. In other words, they want chaos and are arming themselves in preparation for it.

Now THAT I can believe.

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