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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Federal "Untouchables" Needed To Root Out Dark Money Bootleggers

Unless something quickly happens to overturn Citizens United, I'm throwing this out there as a suggestion for President Obama or whomever the next president may be: Create a high level panel or agency, either by executive order or through Homeland Security, with hands-on federal powers to investigate and indict, to bridge the legal vacuum between state authorities and the US Supreme Court on all matters regarding political campaign coordination. With a special focus on state law and cases that have been either derailed legislatively or undermined by judges with direct campaign links to the accused.

To lead this special charge in all fifty states I highly recommend none other than Wisconsin's own fearless Francis Schmitz, John Chisholm, Bruce Landgraf with Rock County Judge James Daley and GAB Director Kevin Kennedy as judicial consultants. I can't think of a better group of individuals more knowledgeable in new age campaign law or vetted for the purpose.

As a mere citizen observer of politics, I also don't think there is anything more threatening right now to our nations' founding principles than the influence of money in public office. It is a matter of national security and it really can't wait.

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